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About Nikel Motors in Tulsa, OK


We are the dealership that you can trust for selection, quality, and value. With years of experience in the Automobile business in the Tulsa area we pride ourselves on finding vehicles that we feel are a great value for the money.  We understand that you work hard for a paycheck and deserve a dependable vehicle at a competitive price. 


At Nikel Motors, you don't have to worry about high pressure salespeople.  When you arrange to see and drive a vehicle you will be dealing with one of the 2 people that have a vested interest in the business, not a salesperson that is "here today, gone tomorrow"!  


​All of our vehicles are stored inside a warehouse.  That helps to keep them clean and out of the Oklahoma weather!  Call us to arrange to view and drive any of the vehicles you are interested in.


​We have access to aggressive lenders also, so let us help you get into the vehicle that fits your needs in a price you can afford.